About Us - YundAntik Cunda Konakları


When you arrive here and look at the sea -from the coasts or hills, at any hour of the day, though perhaps particularly at sunset-, you see the rare breathtaking beauty of the Ayvalik islands and you cannot help but admire this sight. Indeed, it is from the wonders of nature that the islands derive their appearance as a handful of jewels sprinkled along the coast. The region’s abundant fresh, healthy air comes from oxygen-rich Mount Ida, soaring over the Gulf of Edremit to arrive in the region, bearing the scent of salt and iodine, and bestowing upon the region a distinct, flourishing flora. It is for this same reason that people in the past once referred to this island in their own language as “Moshinos”, which means “fragrant island”. Well, when you arrive here and take a deep breath, you definitely feel the meaning of this name in the very depths of your chest –in both your lungs and your heart. In his Book of Navigation, Piri Reis named these exquisite islets which decorate the seas like a work of art, the Yund Islands. Since the word “Yund” (although it is not used in spoken language anymore) refers to a group of horses rambling together in the wild, it is believed that the islands were home to an abundant population of horses in the past. Thus, we used the word "Yund", which is the original name of Cunda in our own history, in our name. In addition, we decorated the entrance doors of our reception and breakfast hall with figures of stylized flying horses (Pegasus). (We would like to thank once again our dear French friends, who have presented us with those beautiful wood carvings, which they created with their skilful hands.) We were present throughout the long construction process, working meticulously and with great devotion, as we strove to create a building possessing all the qualities of the authentic architecture of Cunda. In the end, it was as if our restored, reconstructed buildings, all of which are “Registered Historical Buildings,” had risen from their own ashes. We complemented the word “Yund” in our name with the word “Antik” (ancient), both due to these characteristics of our buildings and due to the fact that we are located right in the middle of the protected area (historic preservation) of Cunda and that we are just beside the historical Taksiyarhis Church, a World Cultural Heritage property. We decided to add the phrase "Cunda Konakları" (Cunda Residences) next to our name, rather than the word "hotel", because we wanted those who choose us to consider themselves "guests of a residence" rather than "hotel customers", before they even step inside. However, we must add that this desire of ours is not limited to our name only; we strive to live up to this name, our foremost goal and principle, by treating all guests with the highest quality service and hospitality possible.


As a couple always in a rush, incessantly caught up in the chaos –traffic and otherwise- of the big cities of our country, suffocated by the stress of the finance industry, we gravitated towards the magical, quiet, peaceful ambience of Ayvalik and Cunda, which we used to visit on vacations. As individuals who believe wholeheartedly that real happiness only multiplies when shared, we decided that a lifestyle dominated by social activity and which will enable others to experience the beauties of the region too, would be more productive and positive for us, than living a reserved life of early retirement. Our aim, we decided, would be to provide our guests with the best, most comfortable environment in which to enjoy the distinctive ambience of Cunda. And now, together with our staff, we have opened the doors not only of our premises, but also of our hearts, to our distinguished guests. It is with genuine warmth that we welcome and host our guests, and nothing makes us happier than hearing our guests express their appreciation of our unique accommodation, and the privilege of staying with us.


We have tried to create several features which set us apart by rising above basic hotel standards, in order to ensure the maximum comfort of our guests. We think that our plus features, only some of which we are able to demonstrate in the passages and photos on our website, will soon catch your attention, if they haven’t already. And we hope that each of the other amenities that have not been able to mention here, will a nice surprise for you in the future.